Testimonials for Newman's Neuromuscular Massage 

I have been enjoying massages from Tim for more than a decade. He has extensive knowledge of muscles, joints and bones, and knows how to use massage for healing and relief of stress and soreness. I highly recommend him.
— Katherine S.
Tim Newman is an exceptionally gifted massage therapist. He has over 20 years of experience and countless hours of ongoing education. I appreciate his experience and knowledge because it is part of what differentiates Tim from other therapist in the area. In my opinion, he’s the best massage therapist we have in Lincoln, Nebraska.

I have been a regular client for three years and I am extremely grateful for my experiences at Newman’s Neuromuscular Massage. I suffer from chronic pain in my neck and shoulders from stress and Tim’s work has significantly mitigated the pain and tension.

Tim is also an exceptional person. I deeply appreciate his honesty and care for me both as a friend and client. I highly recommend Tim Newman If you’re looking for a gifted, knowledgeable, and caring therapist
— Matt A.
I believed my distance running days were behind but, thanks to a fellow runner’s referral, I made my first appointment with Tim. Now, my daughter’s and I have completed the last two Lincoln Half Marathon’s and I regularly get in 15 to 20 miles per week, without the Achilles’ problems that had me sidelined for over three years. Proper stretching, strength training and regular massage therapy have enhanced my quality of life as I can continue an activity I really enjoy.
— Gary G.
Having been a client/patient of Tim Newman of Newman Neuromuscular Massage he has made it possible for me to regain part of my life after having very little quality of life due to a bad accident. Having been a client of many therapists prior to Newman Neuromuscular Massage I was never able to find someone who could adequately relieve the muscle tension that was causing me so much pain. He listens, asks for feed back and will do what works the best for you, while continuing to be open to learn more about what else may work or work better. He knows his stuff, I am thankful to my Physical Therapist Ryan for referring Tim to me.
— Tonja
If you want to keep your body ‘tuned up’ it is imperative that you get a deep muscle massage courtesy of Tim Newman, he not only knows what he is doing he is always looking for ways to improve his work! Getting a massage from him has kept my body vibrant and feeling great!
— Dick. R
Tim takes the time to investigate reasons for pain. I have learned much by his willingness to educate me on why my pain in one place may actually originate at another location in the body; he also encourages specific home exercised to strengthen the proper muscles between visits. From this he has been using various deep tissue techniques to coax very stubborn tissue into releasing thereby promoting healing. In addition to pain relief, what I may appreciate most about Tim is his fearless and sincere Christian approach to working with his clients.
— Kelly H.
If you have problems with the muscles in your back, shoulders or neck, he is the one to go to.
You know you have had a deep muscle massage when he gets done. It really makes you feel good.
— Darlene T.
I started seeing Tim as part of my post stroke recovery. My goals were to reduce pain, increase blood flow to affected areas and increase my quality of life. I have never been disappointed! Tim has always delivered!
— Pam F.
I have been coming to Tim for nine years due to back pain from scoliosis. I have pain overall from the curvature in my spine. Tim and I have a “working” relationship that we can discuss where I hurt and he can manipulate my muscles to ease my discomfort. Tim not only alleviates my pain on a monthly basis but gives me exercises to do that strengthen my back for long-term health. He has worked on my issues during two pregnancies and several ailments all the while doing a total body makeover through neuromuscular massage. Thanks Tim!!!
— Tina S.